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Although the U.S. government does not keep statistics on every drug, it does record deaths associated with major drugs of addiction like heroin, cocaine, and others. Drug abuse is a precursor to addiction and addiction is associated with serious and life-threatening health risks. In recent years, deaths related to drug overdose have increased five times over within the span of a decade. The only way to prevent overdose and curb drug abuse and addiction is to enter Wichita drug rehab to begin living a longer and healthier life.

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Commonly Abused Drugs

The most commonly abused drugs are marijuana, prescription drugs (such as opiate-base pain killers and stimulants), cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, and inhalants. Statistics also show a troubling increase in designer (i.e. synthetic) drugs like bath salts and flakka. People abuse drugs for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they may be self-medicating to treat a mental condition like depression. Some people may have grown up in a home where drug abuse was common. Some people get hooked on prescription medications because they don't understand their powerful addictive properties.

Signs and Symptoms Abuse and Addiction

Many signs and symptoms are specific to certain types of drugs. However, common signs and symptoms of a drug abuse or addiction problem include impaired cognitive function, reduced coordination, loss of appetite, insomnia, mood swings, withdrawal from friends and family, poor performance at school or work, depression, and withdrawal symptoms. Many people also begin a pattern of erratic decision making that can result in financial or even legal problems. People suffering from addiction also tend to have work or relationship problems as well.


Without treatment, a pattern of drug abuse can lead to serious addiction, which is a chronic disease that is often progressive. As the addiction deepens, the risks to physical and mental health increase. There is always a risk for overdosing. To combat drug addiction, addiction treatment centers offer a treatments designed to help people overcome their drug habit. If you want to safeguard your physical and mental health and improve the quality of your life, it's essential to learn the facts about drug abuse and to seek treatment at a high-quality addiction treatment center.

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