Prescription Drug Addiction Wichita

Around the nation, the non-medical use of prescription medications is increasing rapidly among individuals of all backgrounds. While painkillers are among the most commonly abused prescription drugs, other medications are at risk for abuse as well, including stimulants prescribed for the treatment of disorders such as ADHD. Central nervous system depressants, commonly used for treating sleep disorders and anxiety, can also lead to addiction. Although prescription drugs are prescribed by a physician, the use of such medications can quickly spiral out of control. This is particularly true if you are self-medicating without the supervision of a doctor.

The fact that a medication was prescribed by a physician may lead some patients to believe addiction is not possible. A situation that may have begun as a way to relieve pain or to treat another medical condition can lead to dependence or even abuse over time. Eventually, the individual comes to rely on the medication for the euphoric feeling it provides.

Prescription medications are drugs just like any other controlled substance. As such, they can create the same effects in the brain as any illegal drugs that cause addiction. When an individual uses them, the drug changes the chemistry of the brain, resulting in a physical dependence.

Signs of prescription drug addiction include:

  • Turning to several physicians or pharmacies in order to obtain more medicine
  • Lack of interest in options for treatment
  • Complaints of vague symptoms in order to obtain more pills
  • Using more medicine than was prescribed
  • Using medication that was originally prescribed for someone else
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Lack of interest in relationships with others
  • Withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop usage

Regardless of how dire your situation may seem at the moment, Wichita, prescription drug rehab center can help you or your loved one.

Benefits of a Prescription Drug Addiction Center

Wichita prescription drug rehab centers can provide you or your loved one with the supervised medical care needed during treatment designed to end your addiction. The long-term effects of prescription drug usage can be extensive and severe. One of the complications related to prescription drug addiction is drug interaction. Your treating physician should be aware of all of the medication you are taking to ensure that a prescribed medicine will not result in negative side effects when combining with other medications. Herbal remedies, supplements and vitamins are included in such combinations. It is also important to understand the effect that combining prescription drugs and alcohol can have. When alcohol, sedatives or painkillers are combined, the central nervous system can be seriously impacted. Such combinations can result in respiratory distress and even death. An inpatient facility will ensure that any medication given is carefully monitored while you receive treatment.

Detox is an important aspect of any successful treatment program. Trying to stop taking prescription medications on your own can be difficult and even dangerous. A prescription drug detox center will ensure you receive continual supervision throughout the detox phase of treatment. Depending upon your situation, alternative medications may be available to assist you during detoxification. Wichita Drug Rehab Centers can also provide you with access to counselors who are trained in treated addiction to prescription drugs. Counseling can prove to be beneficial in helping you understand how your addiction developed and how to cope with possible triggers in the future.

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